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October 17, 2007



Hi there,

Thanks for your post.

We may not be fellow-supporters or members of UKIP or even the conservatives (though WHO KNOWS!), but at least SOMEONE else is saying what I have been saying ever since that crowd of nonentities trounced Blair.

Blair would have kept us strong and respected in the world. Brown is, in Blair's words (about another leader), I'm sure you will remember, "weak, weak, weak". Blair led his party,no 'followership' there.

I have deep concerns over the direction this country is heading too, though I must admit to being pro-EU. I'm just hoping that Blair can get around to presiding over the EU in the next few years. I am SURE, CONVINCED that he would alter that whole ball-game to something approaching a unit which even UKIP members might find acceptable.

Some of us have not given up on GREAT Britain - and not in the narrow way that GB/PM meant it.

Best wishes to you.

P.S. I have an anachronisticaly-named blog, if you'd like to visit it.

Keep Tony Blair for PM



I admire a blog with a name like that!

The problem is that the EU is an inefficient economic and political marketplace. It will always get the answer wrong. Tony Blair will never be able to make it work.

Blair held the support of many previous Conservative voters. I don't think Brown will hold the support of many or any - despite his claims to the contrary.

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