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October 29, 2007



Why then is the UK and other countries so lenient on paedos?

This goes back to the 50s and 60s when the judges etc really did not understand what it was all about. And the public used to refer to it as "messing around" or something.

What happens to kids when paedos get them is well documented by both TV and print media.

Let's lock these evil men (or women) up for a lot longer. And educate the public as to what they are actually up to.


All countries have paedophiles. UK included, of course. But as far as I know in the UK senior politicians have never been involved, both in covering it up, and in the parctice, as has clearly been the case in Portugal a long time.

(There is a story being circulated about Hamilton the Dunblane murderer being a known and dangerous paedophile, getting a gun licence for five weapons because he was helped by Geoffrey Robinson and Peter Mandelson - but the story is covered by the 100 years secrecy rule. If interested search on the internet. It is published variously on websites, but seems to be poorly researched)

own backyard

Have UK forgotten "operation ORE"? Can be found by google, there were two MP of Blair's government involved to a big paedophile scandal. This case was quickly wiped from UK media...


I have received some bizarre reports including involvement of British cabinet ministers being provided with paedophile victims by Hamilton the Dunblane murderer.

The stories get a bit complicated, as the narrator tries to explain Blair going to war in Iraq as the result of his need to keep CIA-backed blackmailers at bay.

I think the realm of fantasy and fact gets crossed with some of these stories.

It would not surprising if Britain did not have a politician or two involved with paedophile computer downloads. I have, though not seen anywhere that the Police are influenced not to investigate paedophile crime to protect senior politicians as happens in Portugal, Belgium.

If Blair had a paedophile past as is alleged on some of the more extreme narratives you can find, along with Mandelson and Robinson, I doubt it would have survived under wraps. Prove me wrong if you can.

Britain has openly investigated and reported Police paedophile involvement as in Operation Ore with Detective Stevens, to her credit.

Barroso on the other hand undoubtedly assisted in the concealing and non-response to paedophile reports in Portugal when he was Prime Minister. And the media kept quiet all through.

I don't see an equivalence. As Barroso is now head of the EU Commission, I doubt the EU paedophile victims like the McCanns will be receiving adequate support any time soon. The tendency is for the Police and the politicians in Portugal to lie and cover up. It's time their compliance with the requirements of paedophiles was exposed and halted.

Maureen Freeborn

I have just read my daily star, I cannot comprehend the mentality of some of the reporters on this paper. In an article regardin prince Harry`s girlfriend Chelsea, the fact that she had refused to have a personal gaurd, the silly person almost gave Al-Quaida her exact address !! who is supposed to vet articles before publication? Is it rather a case of anything to fill the pages ?


You imply that the general public cannot think rationally about this. I think you should respect that everyone has the right to their opinion and their freedom of speech. I welcome being challenged on my opinion that Madeline was not abducted, giving sound and good reasons for the abduction ‘theory’. We are all after the truth at the end of the day. We all want to know what has happened to Madeleine. Now, your challenge should be to do the same, can you give reasons that she was abducted? Certainly the McCann’s do not have proof that their daughter was abducted. However, reasons against this ‘theory’, based on the facts in the official Police files, are all valid. Opponents do not give valid reasons in response, and some have even resorted to abuse. In my opinion once people resort to abuse as their response, it is because they are losing the argument and have been backed into a corner, so they turn nasty. Questioning the McCann’s version of events is just wanting to get at the truth, because at the end of the day people care about Madeleine.

Please, please give us good reasons for why you are so certain this was definitely an abduction. We would all like to hear them. We are all waiting. The common denominator is the truth, don’t forget.

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