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September 13, 2007



How many child killings/gone missing happen each year in Britain? Last year more than 800 as far as I am concerned, and where are your comments on this? Where are your comments about the British Police when they can not solve any of these cases?
Just for the record, Portugal is one of the SAFEST places in the World to live in or to go on a holiday. I would also like to remind you that it was not the Portuguese Police who left the 3 children alone to go to the restaurant, while there was FREE baby-sitting facilities!
The forensic analysis are underway in BIRMINGHAM, one of the BEST forensic labs in the World!
By the way: Portuguese NEVER leave children alone to go to a Restaurant, our family ties are a lot stronger than in Northern Europe! We don't even consider going on a holiday without our children!


Yes Miguel but accusing a mother of killing her own child when you don't even have a body - just to get her out of Portugal is shameful. Let's not hide from what's being done here. It's appalling, and if we are now all to be citizensn of one happy union, not acceptable.


The Portuguese authorities need to do the decent thing and own up - they have messed this whole case up.

Instead, what do they do ? Try to frame the parents of a disappeared child.

MIGUEL - do not lie about the conditions of children (and 'FAMILY TIES') in Portugal. CHILD LABOUR IN PORTUGAL IS WELL DOCUMENTED, FOR EXAMPLE!

See the reference below which suggests 200,000 children working - or at least 30,000 according to the PORTUGUESE GOVERNMENT.


Portugal is a Stone Age country that does not deserve to be in the EU, when (a) it has at least 30,000 child labourers according to its government, and (b) it cannot even protect children, and then tries to blame the parents.


..good link Mountjoy. it's even more sickening - because Portugal is an EU country the British media prefers to hide the truth than allow Brits to know what a legal nightmare we are embarking on if we sign into the Constitution. EU law is a paedophile's charter.


there is no requirement to prove beyond reasonable doubt to bring a successful prosecution. there is an assumption of guilt once you are charged. police can select who they wish to be the guilty party and the courts go along.

that enables organised crime to infilrate the system and protect paedophiles.

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