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September 09, 2007



Well, now that we've all seen the drawing of the supposed abductor I think we have a much clearer picture of who he was - NOT! We do know some things, of course - like he brought his own blanket but didn't actually use it to cover the child completely, that he carried the child in the strangest way possible, that everything about him was clearly visible in spite of the poor light at the time BUT his face was invisible, YET the witness knows he is aged between 35 and 40. lol
Who, in their right mind, would believe this? Especially as the witness supposedly has the abductor going first in one direction and then in the opposite one, also at first she just knew he was carrying a 'bundle' yet later remembered it was a child with pink pyjamas. And since the child wasn't kicking and screaming and oh definitely hadn't been sedated by its parents it looks as though this thoughtful abductor had brought his own supply of sedation as well as his own blanket.

Some people need to get a grip. Abductor indeed!


The problem for the public is that most have little understanding about paedohiles, and the whole idea that a paedophile might wish to abduct a small child seems unlikely.

Paedophiles vary in their preferences, but many desire to carry out sexual acts with babies, and very young children. They will go to great lengths to satisfy their yearnings, getting jobs where they have access to their targets, getting married so their wives will provide them with what they desire, and if they are able to, they will pay large sums of money to get access to an abducted child.

The incredulity of the public is easy to manipulate, and that is what the Portuguese government is depending on.

There is, however no credible evidence that the McCanns were involved in their own daughter's death, although this has been successfully created as a blind alley to hide the likely explanation for M's disappearance.

The Police play around with a succession of news releases to bamboozle the public, but at the time when eveidence might have been acquired, they ensured that it was all destroyed.

There is a cover-up going on, and a campaign of black propaganda against the victims of this crime.

For the public it is easier to believe the lies of the ongoing cover -up than face up to the sickening truth.

That's why paedophiles succeed - the inability of 'normal' people to believe what they do. Only if the public starts to get its head around what paedophilia is, and what paedophiles do, will future Madeleienes be saved.

The continuation of public ignorance and preference not to believe make the paedophile's job far easier. It's time for the media to get tough with Portugal and its paedophile cover-ups which have gone on for decades. Toleration of paedophilia must cease.....everywhere..and the tendency to look the other way, and find alternative explanations for what is the cruellest of crimes.

Once 'Maddy''s are abducted, they are usually not seen alive again. They are only kept alive for as long as they are required.


Tapestry, you really need to stop believing everything you're spun and start using a little bit of common sense! Going by your own criteria of getting married, having children or taking jobs with easy access to children you wouldn't have to look too far for paedophiles in this case, would you? You're surely not suggesting that all these medical people with young children are that way inclined, are you? C'mon, have a little bit of sense; everyone knows paedophiles exist but they also know you can't pigeonhole them like that. Just as well, given the marital status and jobs of the Tapas 9, isn't it? lol

But, as there's no evidence of abduction, just evidence of a death, most people will think for themselves and draw their own conclusions. Going by polls, this is exactly what most people have done and the poll results show they aren't easily deceived by those who wish to conjure up a faceless 'abductor'. Take the 'abductor' out of the case and what's left? The simple fact that a child, last seen by her parents, has disappeared. Simple as that. No evidence of abuction FROM the apartment, but evidence of a death IN the apartment. That's what the PJ must concentrate on, they must ask questions and get answers from the parents of the missing child. To do otherwise would be unforgivable. They, and the public, want the McCanns and their friends to answer ALL questions put to them, rather than taking refuge in the right to silence. Hopefully the new interviews will find the whole Tapas 9 fully cooperative.

The new year will, we all hope, bring the truth of this case out into the open. Any attempts to dodge questions or thwart the enquiry in any way will not be easily understood or forgiven by the public.


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