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September 18, 2007



Then the time and day has come to STOP this practice.
It is no longer about BIG money.
Destroy the bastards who condone this behaviour.
Marily in Texas USA


You might need to alter the very foundations of European law first, and alter the European political system, Marily. Europe is becoming less democratic and less just by the day, as the tentacles of the EU envelope a continent.

It is the ultimate corruption of power. They steal your kids, rape them, murder them and then accuse you of doing it yourself.

martine parry

I have to add my agreement for your views here about the 'harmonisation' of UK with EU (read France, Belgium, Germany for the EU). We need to protect our legal system - unfortunately EU takes precedence already and this in part is why the newspapers now refer to 'prosecutors' instead of lawyers, attorneys etc and why ANYONE can have their child/ baby taken from them on spurious charges by social workers in the UK - without redress - and for politically correct reasons given to homosexuals to bring up (see recent cases on child abuse associated with this). We have entered a phase of the lunatics taking over the asylum - and if you are wont to consider how destabilsation has been nurtured by the far left historically to effect revolution then watch out. It is not Fascism we should be worried about it is the far left parading as central policy humanitarians.

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