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September 07, 2007


Jens Winton

You say:

"If only all the activists would not wander to waste their time in UKIP, and instead campaigned within the Party to ensure that Conservative MPs represented Conservative eurosceptic views, the situation would be so much better."

I say:

"It is not a waste of time to come over to UKIP as we offer a clear vision for the future. The Conservatives will never settle the issue of the EU satisfactorily due to the competing factions, and they will be the worse for it, regardless of the comings and goings of people to and from UKIP.

The solution is for EU-sceptics to break away from Cameron and come over to us, leaving behind the EU-philes. At least you restore clarity to the debate and make it easier on the electorate. It could also be the making of a new watershed era in right-of-centre politics in this country: Two robust right-wing parties agreeing more on certain things like small government, less taxes, educational selection (to a point under Cameron) etc who could unite on non-EU topics in Westminster. That would bedevil Brown and the LibDems. If Cameron was smart, he would encourage dialogue with Nigel to effect a transfer across of EU-sceptic MPs to us in return for support in non-EU matters. That would restore some oomph to the concept of real opposition.


waste of time splitting the vote in FPTP system. You are being used. The BBC get Farage out every time they can to split away a few more Conservatives. If your ideas were followed through the EU would be home and dry.

William Humbold Jr

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