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July 25, 2007



Sorry but bollocks Tories got 32.4% of the vote at the 2005 GE - The Guardian ICM poll has them on 32%.

The Tory vote only very marginally improved on 2005 in ES and S.


The 2005 General Election suffered from a gross distortion. Postal voting went from 2 million in 2001 to 4 million in 2005, and many were known to be fraudulent. Of labour's total votes, 9 million up to a third could have been ostal, of which maybe 10-20% were fraudulent. Pre-election polls had Howard's Tories on 35%. The 35% was the level for IDS, and has been for Cameron. Local election results in 2004 and 2006 show that the GE 2005 was spurious. The international election monitoring organisation in Poland called it a disgrace that must never be allowed to happen again.

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