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EDUCATION. Radley College, Oxford, UK. Wrote and produced school satirical magazine aged 15. Went up to Oxford at 17. Merton College. Sent Down June 1975!
Started business in 1977. Still going strong 30 years later. Published writings about entrepreneurial business cultures 1992-1995 for Professor Bernard Taylor at Henley Management College, which are still used on MBA courses in many parts of world.
John Biffen was a family friend. Guinevere Tilney who assisted Mrs Thatcher was a cousin. Ran many campaigns in suport of my by business 1980-2000. BT rural services. Fire Service. Building Control Authority. Local leisure facilities. Hallmarking issues. Parish Councillor for 10 years, Vice Chairman and Chairman. Ran and wrote village magazine for 10 years.
2001, UKIP candidate. Wrote leaflets for party pre GE, under name 'whatsbestforbritain' titled 'Who's Kidding Us This Time?' Dad's Army theme.
2001, Rejoined Conservatives when IDS became leader.
2003, Ran deselection campaign in Kensington & Chelsea to stop Portillo undermining IDS. Portillo went quiet immediately.
2003, Key Figure in Save The British Hallmark Campaign, defeating an EU Directive, backed by Italian Presidency to eliminate national hallmarks on gold jewellery. worked with MEP Malcolm Harbour.
2005. Produce an anti-EU Constitution leaflet for a minor party, using update of Dad's Army theme with 'EU Constitution' ICBM flying out of EU into heart of London.
2005, Howard uses my phrase 'whats best for britain' throughout GE campaign.
2005, Supporter of Liam Fox for leadership. Being trained (briefly) to work media before Liam lost Parliamentary round.
June 2006, Started Blogging. Listed in Iain Dale's Guide TO UK Political Blogging.
September 2007. The Sun uses EU Constitution Referendum campaign design based on my Dad's Army UKIP leaflets of 2001 and 2005.

Described as a 'Free Spirit' by Nigel Farage, a 'Successful Activist' by Roger Helmer,
'Nothing To Do With The Conservative Party' by Michael Portillo and and a 'Bloody Fool' by Owen Paterson (re my UKIP period!).

Currently Living In Philippines.


organisational culture, activism, entrepreneurship